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Our company making forged couplers since 1990. During more than 20years ,Weiye developed hundreds of couplers.Mainly  for ;United

 Kindom ,Italian ,Australia,Newzealand and America.

Weiye got different certificates according the clients request:

------EN74-1B  EN74-1BB 



------ANSI/SSFI  SC100-5/05

HAKY System is mainly for  North Europe .Denmark ,Sweden and Norway.
HAKY System products easy to assemble and some Aluminum material makes it easy to handle.
Weiye started HAKY System since the year 2004.Our steel HAKY passed SP high level test .Quality and price both competive.

Ringlock scaffolding have long history ,it is very simple to assemble .By useing  Ringlock System could be very economic and efficient .

Weiye have different size of Rignlock systems and material mainly use Q345B steel. 

Now we passed AS1576.3:2015 Ccertificate.



Kwikstage scaffolding is cheaper than other scaffoldings.It could be painted or hotgalvanized.Mainly to United Kindom and Australia.


Cuplock scaffolding is easy to make .The cup and ledger very flexible and safe. It is usually painted or hotgalvanized.

Weiye got CE certificate of Cuplock scaffolding.

Formwork products very popular, our company developed many different types of formwork wing nuts ,pins ,wedge couplers etc .

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